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Project Description
Reusable components, tools, and utility code to speed up Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM development, e.g. Site Definitions, Web Parts, Event Handlers, Workflows, Management Tools for sharepoint and Plugin, workflow, custom reports for MS CRM.

Dynamic CRM


  •  RSA Encryption Helper Class - A helper class wraps RSACryptoServiceProvider which provides a simple way to encrypt/decrypt strings.
My Old Works
  •  Sharepoint for Estate Agent - A Sharepoint 2007 solution for estate agents to manage the life cycle of a property-selling process.
  •  Chinook BI - BI solution on Chinook sample database using SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS
  •  EasyBuildingCMS.Net - This is a module-based CMS and a web application framework which is  developed using .NET 4.0/Visual Studio 2010, Entity Framework/LINQ-to-Entity, SQL Server 2008.
  •  MOSS for AdventureWorks - MOSS solution for Adventure Works company
Source Code for My Bog Post

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